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Netbeans 6.0 and non US-qwerty (eg. Belgian Azerty)

When I started using Netbeans (on Ubuntu Linux), and after starting to like it really quickly (it has some features Eclipse lacks, or requiers plugins I don't know about). But when I started writing code in it, I very quickly came across the problem that Netbeans didn't respond to "Alt Gr" key combinations.

It not only did not respond to the so called "dead keys", it even didn't want to type {, which is on my Belgian azerty a combination with Alt Gr. Obviously, programming Java without braces is just impossible. After a few hours of googling, and finding lots of bugrepors on java Swing not having "dead key support", I finally came across a solution: using the environment variable


Netbeans accept the Alt-Gr combinations. I made a bash script launching netbeans with that variable, and adjusted the .desktop file to run that script.



hi i kind of have the same problem except it used to work completly fine with my "azerty" belgian keybord (for a month now)
today while using a short key (not even sure which one) without paying attention, i realized something changed the keyboard worked like
a qwerty one
is there any way to make it go back to the way it was ? it's very annoying


I'm sorry, I don't know that problem, but I have a few questions:

  1. What's your platform: Linux/Gnome, Linux/KDE, other Linux of Windows?
  2. Is netbeans the only program using the qwerty layout and all other software is using azerty?

apparently I am facing the same problem
I am running Fedora Core 10
when I installed netbeans, my fc keyboard layout was set to azerty in the system. Nowadays it is still the case, but for some strange reason I have a qwerty keyboard layout in netbeans (and not in any other application). I searched for settings in netbeans but didnt find anything to set it back.

try using the shortcut alt-shift. Should switch it back for you :-)

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