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Mounting a disk image file with partitions

In Linux you can easily make a backup of a whole disk, including MBR (partition table) and different types of filesystems with dd. While this is very useful, how can you access individual partitions later without "extracting" them from the image? "kpartx" is the command you need.


ET on Ubuntu 64-bit

Trying to install Enemy Territory - Return to castle Wolfenstein on a 64-bit Ubuntu installation? I ran into 2 problems, and this is how I solved them:


DHCP + Dns (with dhcpd3 and bind9)

This file contains the key parts of a Bind9+DHCP3 configuration with DDNS (Dynamic DNS), it adds hostnames of dhcp-clients to your Bind9 dynamicly. Comments in the file are in Dutch. I'll bother to translate if someone asks me kindly :)


nautilus .thumbnails directory wasting space with old thumbnails

If you look at your ~/.thumbnails directory in gnome, you might find out that there are tens or even hundreds of megabytes wasted to thumbnails of files that aren't on your system (thumbnails of files that have been moved or renamed, were on removable devices, ...). Since I'm always running out of diskspace, I'd like to "fix" that. There are several "easy" solutions: delete the whole contents of the directories in .thumbnails. But then the "good" thumbnails are gone too, and they all need to be rebuild while you're browsing your filesystem.

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